We are a progressive, high growth eCommerce company focused on the Complementary Medicine space

The company consists of two major business lines: Media and Technology Services. Both business lines are focused on providing the highest quality content and customer experience to our various customer bases.

Core Values

Think of Yourself as a Customer

Positive Outlook


Respect and value one another. Communicate openly. Through individuals working together towards common goals, we win as a team.

Blue Vase Mentality

Take initiative. Be resourceful, creative, and solutions oriented.


Take ownership. Act with integrity.


Always be testing. Celebrate and share success, learn from failure.


Mission Statement: To provide the highest quality, compelling content in our fields. Additionally, providing our advertisers the most innovative and effective solutions to reach our community.

Vision: To continue to be the leader in our fields by outpacing our competitors, technology and by providing unique, quality content to our readers along with creative and original marketing options to our advertisers.

Technology Services

Mission Statement: To protect the livelihood of every holistic health, wellness and beauty practitioner when the unfortunate happens.

Vision: To provide all health, wellness and beauty practitioners with the pre-eminent, direct-to-consumer liability insurance program leveraging the most advanced technology and offering the most comprehensive benefits for the lowest cost.